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     I used to enjoy home cleaning but due to illness, couldn't do it anymore. I hired Carpet Cleaner Streatham to help and they have been absolute life savers. They even offer to pop to the shops for me if I need it. The customer service is exceptional and I wouldn't use anyone else now.
Michael Jackson19/05/2020
     You do a fantastic job! The cleaners are courteous, careful, and clean up all the supplies as they leave. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Kim B.19/09/2019
     I'm in retirement now, and not as fresh or active as I was in my youth! One of the things that comes with age is back problems, and I've been particularly unlucky with these. Doing all my own domestic cleaning was getting very painful, so I called Carpet Cleaner Streatham and they took care of everything. I didn't know what to think when I saw how cheap they were, but I got a lovely surprise when I saw how clean everything in my house was. I've already booked their services again, and I think it won't be the last time!
Connor M.21/12/2015
     Initially when I made the call to Streatham Carpet Cleaning Company, the customer service team handled my enquiries in a polite, friendly and informative manner. Then when the cleaners turned up they cleaned my house thoroughly from top to bottom and I was delighted with the results.
     I have always wanted to hire a professional cleaning service for my restaurant but I could never find a company that covered that many aspects of cleaning. StreathamCarpetCleaners came as a pleasant surprise because not only did they offer services that suited me perfectly they even charged reasonably low prices for them. I was extremely pleased with the work they did and would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a cleaning company.
Nicholas F.18/02/2015
     I have just had StreathamCarpetCleaners supply an eco friendly cleaning service on my home and the results were brilliant. I have a son with breathing allergies and I wanted to create a better atmosphere for him to live in. In addition I also wanted to begin to be a little greener, and I saw this as the first step to have a cleaning company who specialised in using more environmentally friendly products. I was over the moon with the results and the finished results.
Susan L.24/11/2014
     Agreeable and lovely folks! Thank you for making my home look more like a home than just a random house with kids toys lying about! Seriously though, StreathamCarpetCleaners are some of the nicest people I've come across, when it comes to cleaners, workers, businesses of any type to be honest. I don't have to worry when you're working that things will get done on time, and to be quite honest, you're just nice people in general. I've come to appreciate your employees as a part of my households normal working life and could not do without you. Thank you for helping me stay sane while sorting out the place!
     My elderly parents live on their own and I have to be honest, I worry for them. They just cannot get around as well as they once used to but they're independent and they love living on their own. To make things a little bit easier I decided to hire StreathamCarpetCleaners on their behalf. The cleaning service comes in twice a week and makes sure the house is spic-and-span and my parents are happy too. The best part is that the cleaning contractors are friendly and polite, and are more than willing to take on all sorts of cleaning projects around the house. Really appreciate the commitment!
     StreathamCarpetCleaners was a great asset to me, despite its low price point. I was under the impression that you just 'get what you pay for' when dealing with a cheap service like this, but that wasn't the case at all! I could tell that they put a lot of effort into their service. The cleaners were very professional and easy to rely on, and did a great job with the cleaning as a whole! I had to shop around a bit to find this company, and boy was it worth it! They really did put an end to all of my cleaning worries, and they didn't empty my wallet in the process! Thanks!
Jake R.29/08/2014
     I've employed this company on behalf of my business and have been so impressed by the company itself and the cleaners they sent me. I have been let down by other so-called commercial cleaning companies but StreathamCarpetCleaners have always given me the reliability I've been looking for. It's nice to come into an office every morning that is clean and bright and know that I paid such a cost-effective price. All cleaning companies should take note of this one and see how cleaning business premises really should be done. The quality of customer service has also been second to none.
     I was in need of some domestic help after having my third baby. I couldn't find enough time to get the cleaning done. But, I was saved when a friend emailed me a cleaning company's contact details. I contacted StreathamCarpetCleaners immediately and asked for a meeting to get a quote. I was pleased with the outcome and price, so arranged an appointment. All I can say is that I was extremely satisfied with the work I had done. The cleaners were meticulous, and worked very hard. I had a spring clean type service which covered a lot of detail. There was nothing that they didn't clean it was wonderful.
Kana Frasure24/07/2014
     I have the cleanest oven I've ever had in my life and it's all down to the fantastically skilled cleaners at StreathamCarpetCleaners! I really don't have the time to clean my oven thoroughly and I've used a professional oven cleaning service for years. I swapped to this company after a bad experience with my regular one, and I'm really glad that I did! This company is much more professional, much more reliable, the cleaners do an excellent job and it's even a little bit cheaper too! This is a really professional company and they've done wonders for my home - thank you!
     I have parquet flooring all over my downstairs floors. Over time they have become rather tired looking with scuff marks, chips and a generally worn looking appearance. StreathamCarpetCleaners are professional floor cleaners and they know their jobs. No job is too small or difficult for them, they have some sophisticated looking tools of the trade and the end result is no less than magic. My floors look like new again and it has transformed the whole of my downstairs. What's more is that I thought the price they charged me was wrong, I mean too cheap for the work they had carried out.
Veronica Clarke12/06/2014
     I was looking for a cleaning company because my home had not had a thorough clean for some time and everything needed attending too, and I couldn't face having to deal with this alone. My friend told me that she had used StreathamCarpetCleaners in the past so I tried them out. I was really amazed at the results, everything looks as good as new and I could not believe the price, they are so affordable and the do a brilliant job for the price you pay. I'll be sticking with this company from now on; my home looks amazing, happy customer.
     A great company to call for a big, one off clean. I was looking forward to hosting some guests to my home and whilst I was busy cooking and preparing everything, the lovely staff from StreathamCarpetCleaners were busy making my home look at its best. To be honest, I really enjoyed their company more than anything else because the two girls were absolutely lovely and I gave them some of my freshly baked cookies as a tip! That should not detract from their cleaning work because I really couldn't fault them, there was not a speck of dust to be seen.
Margaret K.08/04/2014
     There's not much you can say for hiring in the best cleaning services around, you really have to witness it and have it in your home in order to make the most of it. Their help makes a big difference when it comes to the little things during the week which I don't have time to focus on; those bits of dust and so on which I struggle to find the time to deal with. The fact that I know StreathamCarpetCleaners are on my side to take care of it means that I can focus on work and my social life.
Elizabeth Rogers19/03/2014
     I am totally besotted with StreathamCarpetCleaners, they really have made my life so much easier in the past couple of months that I have been using them, and it is with great pleasure that I recommend them to everyone I can! Hence writing this review! I found them to be extremely hard working, and very friendly, which was a great combination. They finished the cleaning a lot more quickly than I had expected, which made them a lot cheaper than I had predicted as well!
Hannah Walton05/03/2014
     Thanks so much to the cleaning staff at StreathamCarpetCleaners who provided a one-off cleaning service to my home. I had just finished home improvements and the builders left my home a mess! I needed an experienced and professional cleaning company to get my home looking new. The staff at StreathamCarpetCleaners were able to provide this service. They were friendly and their prices were affordable. They dusted, mopped, vacuumed and cleaned countertops and sofas. They are a versatile company that can provide a variety of different cleaning solutions. What a great cleaning service, perfect for any task!
Michelle Miller18/02/2014
     I have quite a large house and cleaning it is an absolute nightmare. I was having to put aside my whole weekend just to clean and it was really getting on my nerves. After researching various cleaning companies in the area I stumbled across StreathamCarpetCleaners. At first I wasn't sure about hiring them because their prices seemed too good to be true, but I gave them a call and I couldn't be more delighted with the service I received! The cleaners managed to get my house into shape really quickly, and I've never seen my home look as good as it does when they've finished with it! Thanks!
Ian E.21/01/2014

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